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The 5 best MPPT solar charge controllers buying guide

MPPT solar charge controllers

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers are highly efficient devices within a solar power system. Recognizing the widespread global adoption of solar energy due to its numerous advantages. In general, the solar charge controller holds significant importance in photovoltaic systems. Positioned between batteries and solar panels, it manages the electrical energy generated within the system and required […]

Equipment for your affordable photovoltaic system

diagram of affordable photovoltaic system blocks

With this post, we conclude the series on an affordable photovoltaic system. We’ve provided you with the best equipment suggestions to help you build a low-cost solar energy system for your home. Finally, in this post, we include a summary of the equipment and benefits you can obtain on a budget. To provide context, we […]

The affordable solar charge controller for solar power systems

solar charge controller

Photovoltaic systems are an excellent alternative for cheap and inexhaustible electricity. However, the initial investment can be substantial. That’s why in this article, we present which solar charge controller will be more cost-effective for your budget. We invite you to read the post The solar panel and wiring for an affordable solar power system for […]

Affordable solar power system battery

affordable solar power system

The idea behind a affordable solar power system is to provide alternative electricity to the normal grid with a low investment. However, if you want to have this availability during nighttime or cloudy days, you need to store it for later use. You achieve this through batteries, also called accumulators, which you would recharge using […]

The 5 best solar charge controllers with PWM technology

solar charge controllers

Due to the current trend of conventional electrical energy saving, photovoltaic systems are on the rise. These systems have few components but they are essential. Among them are solar charge controllers. These controllers are of vital importance, especially when the solar power system has backup batteries. If you want to delve into this equipment, we […]

Types of solar charge controllers and benefits

solar charge controller

The solar charge controller, also known as a solar charge regulator, is a crucial element in solar power systems. It ensures that energy flows efficiently between batteries and solar panels. It controls and monitors battery charging and discharging, optimizing their performance and extending their lifespan. There are two types of solar regulators based on their […]

The solar charge controller: what it is and how it works

Solar charge controller connection diagram

At present, solar energy has gained significant popularity as an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solution. Photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly common in homes, businesses, and agriculture. One of its simplest yet vital components is the solar charge controller. This equipment plays a crucial role in achieving optimal performance. Not only in the overall system […]

Stationary battery: self-discharge, capacity, and performance

Stationary battery

The stationary battery is a widely used device in industries and telecommunications. Serving as DC backup in case of power failures and as a component of UPS and other equipment. This is due to its ability to provide continuous, reliable, and stable power. Its use is limited to fixed locations; they are not portable. These […]

The stationary battery: lifespan and internal resistance

stationary batteries

Batteries are essential and highly necessary components in energy systems for telecommunications. Therefore, we present to you the following information about stationary batteries and their types. Before we proceed, it’s a great idea for you to read our post Batteries and their fundamentals to make the most out of this content. What are stationary batteries? […]