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Sizing criteria for battery banks in DC systems

sizing criteria for battery banks

Batteries are elements that do not actually belong to the DC system itself. However, they have gained great importance now a days, so we present the sizing criteria for battery banks. This equipment serves a crucial function. Which is to prevent the equipment from running out of power when, for any reason, the AC/DC rectifiers […]

Generator set: advantages and disadvantages

generator set

Due to the current high costs of conventional electricity, people are looking for alternatives that can be more economical for them to obtain the service. One of the most popular options is the installation of a generator set. For more information on the use of this equipment, you can find it in our post Electric […]

Photovoltaic system and the generator set: which one to choose

photovoltaic system

At this time, we are going through an energy crisis, which makes electrical supply unreliable and costly. In this post, we will conduct a comparative analysis between the most commonly used sources: the photovoltaic system and the generator set. You should know that all alternative sources have their advantages and disadvantages despite being known for […]

Criteria for calculating generator set equipment

The proper selection of generator set equipment is as important as the selection of the generators themselves. Without them, the generator set will not operate or will do so inefficiently. We are referring to the main fuel tank and the daily fuel tank. Also, the coolant compensation tank, oil compensation tank, and the automatic transfer […]

Guidelines for calculating the AC backup generator for DC systems

AC backup generator

The AC backup generator, motogenerator, or power plant, is the main AC support for any installation. It consists of an engine, usually diesel, with a generator coupled to its shaft. Obviously, we are referring to fixed generators, with capacities greater than 20 kVA. To give you some context, we invite you to read our post […]

Generator Set: a solution as an alternative energy source?

power plant

At present, it has become crucial to have the possibility of alternative AC power sources. The most commonly used systems for this purpose are power generation through a generator set or power plant and the photovoltaic system. It is important to clarify that the generator set is also called a “diesel generator,” which, in our […]

Multímetro digital o tester: alimentación y perilla seleccionadora

multimetro digital y accesorios

El multímetro digital o tester digital, es un equipo que es indispensable, no solo para los profesionales en el área de la electricidad. Si no para todo aquel que desee hacer cualquier trabajo sencillo de electricidad o quiera diagnosticar una anomalía eléctrica simple y cotidiana. Ejemplo de esto puede ser cuando tu TV o cualquier […]

Criterias for the calculation of AC/DC rectifier for DC systems

AC/DC rectifier

The AC/DC rectifier is considered an essential part of the DC power system. Therefore, the correct calculation of its capacity and electrical sizing is of vital importance. However, this process must adhere to a set of technical safety criteria to ensure that the service it provides conforms to the reliability and uninterruptibility guidelines required by […]

AC service entrance and panels for DC power systems

AC service entrance and panels

For the development of any electrical project, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines to ensure technical efficiency and safety. This is crucial, especially in the case of the service entrance and AC distribution panels for DC electrical power systems. Here are the most important design criteria for supplying AC power in DC electrical systems. […]

The selection of AC/DC rectifier: factors to consider

AC/DC rectifier

Before we begin with this article, we invite you to read the post AC/DC rectifier: float and equalization voltage, regulation, and control. Like its counterparts, this is so you can get context on the topic. When designing a telecommunications system, you must be clear about the peculiarities of the AC/DC rectifier to be selected. Furthermore, […]