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Sizing criteria for battery banks in DC systems

sizing criteria for battery banks

Batteries are elements that do not actually belong to the DC system itself. However, they have gained great importance now a days, so we present the sizing criteria for battery banks. This equipment serves a crucial function. Which is to prevent the equipment from running out of power when, for any reason, the AC/DC rectifiers […]

AC DC rectifier: alarms and lockouts due to current and voltage

alarm AC DC rectifier

It’s important to understand what we mean when we talk about alarms and lockouts in the AC DC rectifier for telecommunications due to malfunction. This implies that the equipment goes outside its established range of parameters. If the failure doesn’t compromise the integrity of the AC DC rectifier or the service it provides, only a […]

AC-DC rectifier: float, equalization voltage, regulation, and control

AC-DC rectifier

Here we will study some of the general features you should be familiar with regarding AC-DC rectifier. This includes float and equalization, regulation, and their control for telecommunications applications. You will learn everything you need to know about the operation of rectifiers and their voltage control. As you can imagine, these devices are crucial as […]

Choosing electric conductors for dc installations

electric conductors

Electric conductors are essential elements in any electrical installation. Their selection for DC installations differs from the procedure used in AC. On the other hand, for the process of acquiring this material, it is important to know that cable is not the same as a conductor. For this, we recommend the post Cables and electrical […]

Calculation of DC voltage drop by commercial conductivity factor

Calculation of DC voltage drop

One of the factors that must be given special attention when selecting electrical conductors is the power losses that occur in them. For this reason, we present the Calculation of DC voltage drop by commercial conductivity factor. There are 2 methods to determine the voltage drop, the one we will study here uses the resistivity […]

Voltage drop in DC electrical conductors due to electrical resistance

voltage drop in DC

After ampacity, or the maximum current-carrying capacity of a conductor in amperes, voltage drop is the most critical parameter when selecting wiring. Therefore, here we present how to calculate voltage drop in DC electrical conductors. This phenomenon involves the power loss that occurs in the conductor due to its electrical resistance. As a result, the […]

Voltage drop in DC of electrical conductors

voltage drop in DC

Cables are indispensable elements in every electrical installation. But in the field of power for telecommunications, they have very special characteristics. One of which we will analyze in this post titled Voltage drop in DC of electrical conductors. In fact, voltage drop is a parameter that is much more critical in DC electricity than in […]

Parallel connection: what it involves

parallel connection

In this post called Parallel connection: what it involves, we will discuss one of the two configurations of electrical circuits. In terms of their connection, which is valid for both energy sources and loads. However, in this article, we will focus on connections at the level of DC sources, their characteristics, and uses. Let’s take […]

Stationary battery discharge test: advantages and disadvantages

Sealed battery bank

Performing tests on the battery bank is the most suitable way to understand its operational status. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you need them, especially when they function as a DC backup system. The discharge test is one of the most reliable. With it, you assess batteries “in the field” and under […]

Battery discharge test: what is it and what is it for?

Técnico tomando medidas en la prueba de descarga de baterías

The battery discharge test is perhaps one of the most reliable tests you can perform on a battery or a battery bank. It provides a comprehensive insight into the health status of the cells. In this post, we will analyze this test applied to stationary battery technology, with a focus on battery banks. Let’s get […]