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Criterias for the calculation of AC/DC rectifier for DC systems

AC/DC rectifier

The AC/DC rectifier is considered an essential part of the DC power system. Therefore, the correct calculation of its capacity and electrical sizing is of vital importance. However, this process must adhere to a set of technical safety criteria to ensure that the service it provides conforms to the reliability and uninterruptibility guidelines required by […]

The selection of AC/DC rectifier: factors to consider

AC/DC rectifier

Before we begin with this article, we invite you to read the post AC/DC rectifier: float and equalization voltage, regulation, and control. Like its counterparts, this is so you can get context on the topic. When designing a telecommunications system, you must be clear about the peculiarities of the AC/DC rectifier to be selected. Furthermore, […]

AC – DC rectifier for telecommunications: alarms and settings

AC - DC rectifier

In our article AC – DC rectifier: current and voltage alarms and settings, we explain how it protects against abnormal current and voltage conditions. Now, let’s explore other alarms it has and their key settings in energy systems for telecommunications. Most of these warnings are indicated by the Control and Alarm Module of the Power […]

AC DC rectifier: alarms and lockouts due to current and voltage

alarm AC DC rectifier

It’s important to understand what we mean when we talk about alarms and lockouts in the AC DC rectifier for telecommunications due to malfunction. This implies that the equipment goes outside its established range of parameters. If the failure doesn’t compromise the integrity of the AC DC rectifier or the service it provides, only a […]

AC-DC rectifier: float, equalization voltage, regulation, and control

AC-DC rectifier

Here we will study some of the general features you should be familiar with regarding AC-DC rectifier. This includes float and equalization, regulation, and their control for telecommunications applications. You will learn everything you need to know about the operation of rectifiers and their voltage control. As you can imagine, these devices are crucial as […]

High-frequency controlled regulation AC-DC rectifiers

rectifier high-frequency controlled regulation

In the conversion of AC to DC power, the typical operating frequency is that of the AC line or multiples thereof. AC-DC rectifiers with high-frequency controlled regulation leverage this type of control to enhance their performance. Indeed, if the operating frequency is increased to the order of thousands of Hertz, power circuits can be downsized. […]

AC-DC rectifier unit with ferroresonant regulation

AC-DC rectifier unit

AC-DC rectifier unit are the most crucial components of the power system for telecommunications. They are responsible for converting alternating current into direct current for use by telecommunications equipment. This energy must be stable and regulated to ensure that all its parameters remain constant despite fluctuations in the electrical grid and loads. This stability is […]

AC DC rectifiers with thyristor regulation

thyristor-regulated rectifier

The AC-DC rectifier with thyristor regulation is the oldest type used in telecommunications. It is known for its reliability and robustness, and this technology is the simplest. However, these devices are quite bulky. For instance, a 100 A rectifier can be as tall as 2 meters by 80 cm wide and very heavy. Before we […]

Controlled and uncontrolled AC-DC rectifiers

controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers

AC-DC rectifiers are widely used in power systems for telecommunications, converting AC energy into DC. In this post titled Controlled and uncontrolled ac-dc rectifiers, we will explore the two types of conversion. This conversion, technically termed wave rectification, involves eliminating the alternation in the alternating current signal and delivering a linear signal of constant value. […]

AC-DC Rectifier for Telecommunications. Part 2

three-phase AC-DC rectifier for telecommunications

We continue with the topic on AC-DC rectifier for telecommunications. Here, I will provide further details on the most notable characteristics of this equipment. To enhance your understanding of this subject, I encourage you to read the post AC-DC Rectifier for Telecommunications. Part 1. Likewise, I recommend reading all the articles on our blog energydcac. […]