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Types of solar charge controllers and benefits

solar charge controller

The solar charge controller, also known as a solar charge regulator, is a crucial element in solar power systems. It ensures that energy flows efficiently between batteries and solar panels. It controls and monitors battery charging and discharging, optimizing their performance and extending their lifespan. There are two types of solar regulators based on their […]

The solar charge controller: what it is and how it works

Solar charge controller connection diagram

At present, solar energy has gained significant popularity as an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solution. Photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly common in homes, businesses, and agriculture. One of its simplest yet vital components is the solar charge controller. This equipment plays a crucial role in achieving optimal performance. Not only in the overall system […]

Stationary battery discharge test: advantages and disadvantages

Sealed battery bank

Performing tests on the battery bank is the most suitable way to understand its operational status. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you need them, especially when they function as a DC backup system. The discharge test is one of the most reliable. With it, you assess batteries “in the field” and under […]

Battery discharge test: what is it and what is it for?

Técnico tomando medidas en la prueba de descarga de baterías

The battery discharge test is perhaps one of the most reliable tests you can perform on a battery or a battery bank. It provides a comprehensive insight into the health status of the cells. In this post, we will analyze this test applied to stationary battery technology, with a focus on battery banks. Let’s get […]

Voltage measurement in stationary battery discharge test

Voltage measurement in batteries

The stationary battery discharge test is one of the tests that provides the most reliable results regarding the operational status of these banks. In this post, we will present the way to analyze and interpret the battery voltage measurement, obtained. The execution method is explained in our post on Stationary battery discharge test. Be sure […]

Data to be collected during the stationary battery discharge test

"personnel conducting the battery discharge test

The stationary battery discharge test is one of the most reliable methods to assess their health. Additionally, it is equivalent to measuring battery capacity. However, its accuracy depends not only on the precision of the instruments used and the objectivity of the observer but also on its correct application. For this last point, we invite […]

How to perform the discharge test of a stationary battery bank

different types of batteries for discharge test

Knowing the operational status of a stationary battery will save you from many unpleasant surprises. That’s why the battery discharge test is one of the most reliable methods. It will indicate whether they are capable of fulfilling their mission and if they retain the design attributes expected of them. An example of the latter is […]

Stationary battery: self-discharge, capacity, and performance

Stationary battery

The stationary battery is a widely used device in industries and telecommunications. Serving as DC backup in case of power failures and as a component of UPS and other equipment. This is due to its ability to provide continuous, reliable, and stable power. Its use is limited to fixed locations; they are not portable. These […]

The stationary battery: lifespan and internal resistance

stationary batteries

Batteries are essential and highly necessary components in energy systems for telecommunications. Therefore, we present to you the following information about stationary batteries and their types. Before we proceed, it’s a great idea for you to read our post Batteries and their fundamentals to make the most out of this content. What are stationary batteries? […]