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The inverter for your affordable photovoltaic system

inverter affordable photovoltaic system

Solar energy systems are a form of alternative electricity that is clean, reliable, and affordable. So much so that the vast majority of households have or are thinking of installing one. That’s why we present to you how to choose an inexpensive inverter for your affordable photovoltaic system. This is because… let’s be clear! The […]

Connectors for an affordable solar energy system for your home

affordable solar energy system

If you want to enjoy an affordable solar energy system for your home, you must choose the equipment and accessories carefully. They should not only be cost-effective but also of high quality and durability. Therefore, here we bring you the best proposal regarding the connectors you should acquire. This is a crucial element, often overlooked, […]

Solar panel and wiring for an affordable solar power system

affordable solar power system

To all of us, having a photovoltaic system in our homes is desirable due to the multiple benefits it provides. However, we are aware that a significant investment is required for this. But don’t worry! We will show you an affordable solar power system that you can install in your home. We will start with […]

AC DC rectifiers with thyristor regulation

thyristor-regulated rectifier

The AC-DC rectifier with thyristor regulation is the oldest type used in telecommunications. It is known for its reliability and robustness, and this technology is the simplest. However, these devices are quite bulky. For instance, a 100 A rectifier can be as tall as 2 meters by 80 cm wide and very heavy. Before we […]

Solar panels in agriculture

solar panels in agriculture

The use of solar energy in the countryside has been a cornerstone for the agricultural sector as it provides a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency. The presence of solar panels in agriculture is becoming increasingly common. Thanks to this cheap and inexhaustible source of energy, farmers reduce costs and their dependence on electrical power […]

Solar water heater: what is it and how does it work?

solar water heater

Currently, there are many applications based on harnessing solar energy. Since it is an inexhaustible, abundant, and free source of energy. In our post Solar water heater: what is it and how does it work?, we introduce one of the most popular ones. Using solar energy to heat water is ideal, whether for personal hygiene […]

Parallel connection: what it involves

parallel connection

In this post called Parallel connection: what it involves, we will discuss one of the two configurations of electrical circuits. In terms of their connection, which is valid for both energy sources and loads. However, in this article, we will focus on connections at the level of DC sources, their characteristics, and uses. Let’s take […]

Inverter technology that suits me according to price and efficiency

Output waveforms of the 3 technologies inverter

The choice of the right inverter is of immense importance, both for your budget and for efficiency and usage. In this post, we will discuss the inverter technology that suits me according to price and efficiency. Keep in mind that this equipment is the heart of the photovoltaic system. Without it, you wouldn’t be able […]

The pure sine wave inverter: features and operation

pure sine wave inverter

Here we will discuss inverters, their characteristics, and functions. You should know that they are essential equipment in any domestic solar power system. Further down, we will talk about the pure sine wave inverter, which is the protagonist of our post. They transform the DC energy generated by solar panels and batteries into AC energy […]

Square wave inverter: what you need to know

Square wave Inverter output

The most important classification of inverter types relates to the type of AC waveform they provide at the output. Let’s start with everything you need to know about the square wave inverter. This classification is fundamental in the solar energy system, as it defines the operation of the equipment connected to them. We invite you […]