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Conductor de alimentación del PDB: dimensionamiento

conductor de alimentación del PDB

El dimensionamiento del conductor de alimentación del PDB lleva algunas diferencias, en comparación con los cables de cargas. Sobre todo las asociadas a la capacidad del cable, o los cables, por la corriente que conducirá. Seguidamente, veremos cuál es el procedimiento a seguir para el dimensionamiento del cable. ¡Empecemos! Lo primero ¿qué tipo de cable […]

Electrical conductor gauges

electrical conductor gauges

In this post, we will talk about an essential point, such as electrical conductor gauges, also known as “electrical gauges for conductor measurement.” Electrical cables are essential elements in any electrical installation. To learn everything about them, we invite you to read Electrical cables and conductors: overview. There, you will discover the difference between electrical […]

Calculation of DC voltage drop by commercial conductivity factor

Calculation of DC voltage drop

One of the factors that must be given special attention when selecting electrical conductors is the power losses that occur in them. For this reason, we present the Calculation of DC voltage drop by commercial conductivity factor. There are 2 methods to determine the voltage drop, the one we will study here uses the resistivity […]

Voltage drop in DC electrical conductors due to electrical resistance

voltage drop in DC

After ampacity, or the maximum current-carrying capacity of a conductor in amperes, voltage drop is the most critical parameter when selecting wiring. Therefore, here we present how to calculate voltage drop in DC electrical conductors. This phenomenon involves the power loss that occurs in the conductor due to its electrical resistance. As a result, the […]

Voltage drop in DC of electrical conductors

voltage drop in DC

Cables are indispensable elements in every electrical installation. But in the field of power for telecommunications, they have very special characteristics. One of which we will analyze in this post titled Voltage drop in DC of electrical conductors. In fact, voltage drop is a parameter that is much more critical in DC electricity than in […]

Electrical resistance in cables and its variation with temperature

electrical resistance in cables

Knowing how to calculate the electrical resistance in cables, in its various forms, for an electrical conductor is of great importance. This knowledge allows you to determine this parameter even in situations where you may not have access to specific tables or other technical information. This knowledge can help you quickly diagnose issues with a […]

Electrical cables and conductors: resistivity and electrical resistance

graph of electrical resistance variation with temperature

Electrical resistance is one of the most important parameters you should know about cables and conductors because its value will determine whether equipment operates correctly. We invite you to read our post. Next, we will explain how to determine these parameters. Let’s get started! Resistivity and electrical resistance in conductors The resistivity in metallic conductors […]

Electrical cables and conductors: gauges and structure

Electrical cables and conductors

Electrical cables and conductors are indispensable components in any system involving electricity, including photovoltaic energy systems. Among their most important parameters are gauge and structure. They are responsible for the transmission of electrical energy to the equipment, but for them to do so efficiently, it’s necessary to consider certain characteristics. In this article, we will […]

Electrical cables and conductors: their generalities

electrical cables and conductors

Electrical cables and conductors are fundamental elements in electrical installations. They serve as the means to interconnect various equipment, both for power and control purposes. We will discuss them, aiming to explain their characteristics in an approachable and colloquial manner. And we will clarify any necessary technical terms for your better understanding of the topic. […]

Distribution panel: DC distribution module

Power distribution panel with DC distribution module

In the distribution panel, the DC distribution module is one of the most important components. This is because it allows the energization of various loads, thereby serving the purpose of protection and control of DC energy. Method of protection for DC loads Just like with AC electricity, a method of distributing DC electrical energy generated […]