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Generator set: advantages and disadvantages

generator set

Due to the current high costs of conventional electricity, people are looking for alternatives that can be more economical for them to obtain the service. One of the most popular options is the installation of a generator set. For more information on the use of this equipment, you can find it in our post Electric […]

Generator Set: a solution as an alternative energy source?

power plant

At present, it has become crucial to have the possibility of alternative AC power sources. The most commonly used systems for this purpose are power generation through a generator set or power plant and the photovoltaic system. It is important to clarify that the generator set is also called a “diesel generator,” which, in our […]

The solar inverter: what you need to know before buying it. Part 1

solar inverter with solar panel

Are you considering installing a solar energy system at home? Then you should start by getting to know the associated equipment, and with energydcac, you’ll learn everything about the solar inverter. Before you begin, we recommend checking out our post The photovoltaic energy system for homes. Which will introduce you to the exciting world of […]

Is it worth installing a solar energy system at home? Part 4

sistema energía solar

This is the continuation of the post Is it worth installing a solar energy system at home? Part 3, which we invite you to read. We continue with the analysis of each of the disadvantages presented by the solar energy system. At the same time, we propose the best solution for each one. Let’s take […]

Is it worth installing a solar energy system at home? Part 3

residential solar energy system

This post is a continuation of the article Is it worth installing a solar energy system at home? Part 2. Here, we will analyze which of the solutions we proposed to address the disadvantage of the solar system not being able to meet the electrical demand at certain times is the best to consider. Then, […]

Solar Photovoltaic Panel: What You Need to Know Before Buying

tipos de placas solares

Residential photovoltaic power generation systems have been booming, driven by the current energy crisis in the world, and solar photovoltaic panel are the most important part of it. Solar energy is a type of renewable, clean and sustainable energy that is ideal for energy saving and energy efficiency. Here we will tell you about solar […]

AC – DC rectifiers in telecommunications. Part 1

rectifier schematic

For a better use of this material, we invite you to read the post Power equipment for telecommunications. Part 1. In it we explain in more detail the operation of the AC – DC rectifier. Initially you should know that the AC – DC rectifiers for telecommunications are responsible for performing the power conversion to […]

Electrical power equipment for telecommunications. Part 1

electrical discharge between two conductors

I will now explain the general operation of telecommunications energy equipment, which we will do in a modular fashion.   In order for you to have the basic knowledge of the essential elements of electricity in telecommunications, we suggest you read our previous publications on the subject. These are Electrical Power: Your First Steps and […]

Electrical energy in telecommunications

uses of DC power

To give you a better understanding of what we will discuss in this article Electrical power in telecommunications, we recommend you to read the post Electric power: your first steps, already published. We have already seen, in previous posts and as the crow flies, what electricity is and the types of it that are AC […]

Advantages of a photovoltaic or solar energy system

ecology solar energy system

There are multiple advantages offered by a photovoltaic or solar energy system. That is why it is considered one of the best ways to supply electricity to a house in the long term because it is sustainable over time. We suggest our post The photovoltaic energy system for the home, where we explain in an […]