Components of the power distribution panel. Part 2

Power distribution panel

This post is the continuation of the article related to Components of the power distribution panel. Part 1. Here, we will analyze the operation of the Rectifier Module and the Control Module.

The first one acts as a source that energizes the second one and this, in turn, supplies DC power to the telecommunication loads.

Next, we will see the operation of the mentioned modules, focusing on the power panels for AC – DC rectifiers of high frequency technology.

Rectifier Module as one of the components of the power distribution panel

This component consists of a panel where the rectifiers are housed, through this module they are supplied with the direct current (AC) for their operation.

To give you an idea of its dimensions, here is a typical AC – DC rectifier of high frequency technology.

High-Frequency Rectifier as one of the components of the power distribution panel

This rectifier has the following dimensions:

  • Width, 4.9″
  • Length, 10.6″
  • Height, 1.6″

It weighs 4.4 lbs and has a power output of 2,700 W, as you can see it is quite compact in comparison to its capacity.

On the other hand, it is through the Rectifier Module that the Control Module manages all the parameters of this equipment through a communication interface.

If the Rectifier Module loses communication with the Control Module, you have the option for each rectifier unit to operate independently.

The latter is intended to ensure that the loads never run out of power. Even if several AC – DC rectifiers fail, this module makes the rest of the rectifiers take over the load by distributing it.

In this space is where the positive and negative pole bars are located, to which the outputs of all rectifiers are connected. They also supply power to the Distribution Module, which we will discuss in more detail in upcoming posts..

You must take into account, that in these Rectifier Modules you can only place exclusive equipment for which they were designed, that is to say, only devices of the same manufacturer fit.

Control Module as other of the components of the power distribution panel

This component is the one that regulates all the necessary parameters for the operation of the power distribution panel, equivalent to the brain of the power distribution panel.

It programs the normal operating variables of the system such as permissible levels of AC input voltage, voltage level and DC output current of the rectifiers, time and power for battery recharging, etc.

Even in this device, the values that different devices must assume when operating without being controlled, when it itself fails, or internal communication is lost are established.

As an example of this, the levels of DC voltage and maximum output current of the AC-DC rectifiers can be defined here in case of loss of the Control Module.

All of this is facilitated through communication interfaces with the rest of the modules within the power distribution panel.

Moreover, it’s through this component that the power distribution panel can be remotely managed, and it’s also responsible for issuing any alarms or warnings regarding system operation.

In summary, although the Control Module is the one that operates the entire power distribution panel, the latter can function without it, albeit with certain restrictions and power reduction.

This characteristic is based on the criterion of attempting to keep the telecommunications service operational even if some modules experience failures.

In the following image, a Rectifier Module with a Control Module is presented in a power distribution panel with a capacity for 6 high-frequency rectifiers, delivering 56 A of output at 48 V DC energy

Power distribution panel

To conclude

In the next post Parts of the telecommunications power panel. Part 3 we will continue to see the components of this system.

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