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Sizing criteria for battery banks in DC systems

sizing criteria for battery banks

Batteries are elements that do not actually belong to the DC system itself. However, they have gained great importance now a days, so we present the sizing criteria for battery banks. This equipment serves a crucial function. Which is to prevent the equipment from running out of power when, for any reason, the AC/DC rectifiers […]

The battery and its generalities

the battery

The battery is a device that allows the storage of DC electricity for later use. This varies depending on the type and characteristics of the batteries. They are also known as accumulators, although for this case we can use both terms interchangeably. This is because their difference is not significant for us, for the battery […]

AC-DC Rectifier for Telecommunications. Part 2

three-phase AC-DC rectifier for telecommunications

We continue with the topic on AC-DC rectifier for telecommunications. Here, I will provide further details on the most notable characteristics of this equipment. To enhance your understanding of this subject, I encourage you to read the post AC-DC Rectifier for Telecommunications. Part 1. Likewise, I recommend reading all the articles on our blog energydcac. […]

What is a power distribution panel in telecommunications?

self-supporting power distribution panel

If you have never heard of the rectifier panel in telecommunications or power distribution panel, here we explain it in a simple way. To make it easier for you to understand some terms that we will mention here, we invite you to read the different contents that we have for you in our website energydcac, […]

AC – DC rectifiers in telecommunications. Part 1

rectifier schematic

For a better use of this material, we invite you to read the post Power equipment for telecommunications. Part 1. In it we explain in more detail the operation of the AC – DC rectifier. Initially you should know that the AC – DC rectifiers for telecommunications are responsible for performing the power conversion to […]

Telecommunications Power Equipment. Part 3

inverter and ups

In this article on telecommunications power, we will look at the operation of other backup equipment. Understanding by backup, the action of ensuring the continuity of telecommunications operations even in case of failure of the commercial network. So we will talk about UPS and inverters which provide AC power autonomy, when AC power fails.You should […]

Electrical power equipment for telecommunications. Part 2

AC and DC backup equipment

Next we will go into the general operation of electrical power equipment for telecommunications. This refers to the most commonly used backup equipment such as the generator set and batteries to keep the telecommunications infrastructure in operation. With it, AC and DC power supply is ensured in case of commercial power failure. For a better […]

Electrical energy in telecommunications

uses of DC power

To give you a better understanding of what we will discuss in this article Electrical power in telecommunications, we recommend you to read the post Electric power: your first steps, already published. We have already seen, in previous posts and as the crow flies, what electricity is and the types of it that are AC […]