Generator set: advantages and disadvantages

generator set

Due to the current high costs of conventional electricity, people are looking for alternatives that can be more economical for them to obtain the service. One of the most popular options is the installation of a generator set.

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On the other hand, its extensive use is also influenced by the current energy crisis, as it has made electricity less reliable than in the past.

However, you probably want to know if it suits you. That’s why we present here the advantages and disadvantages of using a generator set at home. This way, you can make the best decision.

In order to make a subsequent comparison, we will analyze it in contrast to solar energy systems. Let’s get started!

What a generator set is

In our case, we will talk about generator sets with capacities exceeding 10 kVA, which are fixed. On the other hand, this system can operate in standby mode, only functioning when the electrical power fails.

The other way is in continuous operation for installations isolated from the electrical grid.


generator set

It consists of an engine with a rotating electric generator of alternating current coupled to its shaft. It rotates at the appropriate speed for the generator to produce electricity with the frequency and voltage according to the country’s standards.

Most engines run on diesel, as they are more robust and durable for this task than gasoline engines.

Automatic transfer switch panel

Automatic transfer switch panel

Also known as ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), it performs supervisory functions for the entire system. It is through it that energy flows to the loads. Typically, this device is used in standby systems. It consists of 2 functionally distinct parts.

Control division

The control division is responsible for issuing the start and stop commands to the engine. It also monitors and manages alarms and the power division, which we will see below. This operation can be manual or automatic.

Power division

It has what are called ‘contactors,’ which are nothing more than high-capacity power switches. They include an element responsible for their activation, operating according to the commands issued by the control division.

In our article The control panel and automatic transfer switch of the generator set you will find everything you need to know about this component. Next, let’s look at the pros and cons of this power source.

Advantages of the generator set

Here are the main ones:

  • Generates electrical power regardless of the weather
  • Protects electronic equipment from grid fluctuations through its own devices
  • Provides electricity continuously and reliably
  • Can power all types of equipment, although it must be correctly sized for this purpose

Disadvantages of the generator group

While it offers benefits, it also has drawbacks. Here are the most relevant ones:

  • It is very noisy, emits greenhouse gas pollutants, and uses fossil fuels, causing a significant environmental impact. Despite the existence of a model called soundproof.
  • It requires regular maintenance and continuous fuel supply, implying a permanent cost over time.
  • The equipment and installation are very expensive and require construction work.
  • A specially conditioned area is required for its placement.
  • Its power cannot be expanded, so if your needs grow, you must acquire a new unit and several of its accessories.

As you can see, the generator group is a good option as an alternative energy source. However, it is not environmentally friendly and tends to impact the environment.

Considering all of the above, you should carefully evaluate all factors with your budget and needs in mind. This will help you make a decision regarding whether installing a generator group in your home is truly suitable.

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Explanatory video about what a generator group is

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