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Generator set: advantages and disadvantages

generator set

Due to the current high costs of conventional electricity, people are looking for alternatives that can be more economical for them to obtain the service. One of the most popular options is the installation of a generator set. For more information on the use of this equipment, you can find it in our post Electric […]

Generator Set: a solution as an alternative energy source?

power plant

At present, it has become crucial to have the possibility of alternative AC power sources. The most commonly used systems for this purpose are power generation through a generator set or power plant and the photovoltaic system. It is important to clarify that the generator set is also called a “diesel generator,” which, in our […]

Solar panel at home: installation and tips. Part 2

solar panels at home

This post is a continuation of the article Solar panels: installation and tips. Part 1, which we invite you to read. In it we detail the types of solar panel and the best tips you should follow when buying them. So that with this information you are able, together with your installer, to establish which […]