What is a power distribution panel in telecommunications?

self-supporting power distribution panel

If you have never heard of the rectifier panel in telecommunications or power distribution panel, here we explain it in a simple way.

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First things first: what is a power distribution panel?

In the area of telecommunications, a power panel refers to an equipment that concentrates everything necessary to supply DC power to the equipment.

This system has a high operational security due to its importance within the telecommunications system.

If it were to break down at any time, the whole service would be out, so you would no longer have telephony or internet, the data connected to this telephone exchange would stop working, so banks, public services and others would be cut off.

All of the above, due to the lack of DC power. This is why it is backed up by batteries and by the generator, if available, and telecommunications companies have very strict protocols for dealing with failures in this equipment.

Making an analogy with the human body, it can be said that it is the DC energy, which provides the power panel, is the vitality that makes all the organs such as the brain, heart, etc. work.

There are different models of force frames, although they all have in common that they agglutinate the rectifiers of a system, but you should not associate several force frames for calibration reasons.

In addition, nowadays it is through it that the power system alarms are sent and its components are managed by remote connection.

In the following, we will briefly describe its generalities as a DC power supplier.

General information on a power distribution panel

All power distribution panel have, as a minimum, the AC modules, DC distribution, rectifiers and battery protections, from there each manufacturer can add additional functions.

In our next post, soon to be published, called Parts of a power panel. Part 1 we will begin with the analysis of each module.

Now, you should know that, depending on the brand, the power box will be of higher or lower quality in components, reliability and functionalities.

As a special case, in the power systems of older technologies, which are still operational in some places for its high quality and durability, its conformation has some variation.

Since the rectifiers are very large, in some cases up to 2 meters high and almost 1 meter wide, they are concentrated in a single space and each of them operates independently.

This group is considered a power panel since they are interconnected by the same copper bars in each pole. This is illustrated in the block diagram below.

Power distribution panel with ferroresonant rectifiers and thyristors

In the article called AC – DC rectifiers in telecommunications. Part 1 We will describe each one.

The power distribution panels for high-frequency rectifiers

From now on, we will focus on the study of the power distribution panel for high-frequency rectifiers, which is the most modern technology available in the market, and its size is very compact.

For example, some brands of power boxes measure between 150 and 180 cm high and about 80 cm wide. They can contain about 10 or 12 rectifiers which are also very small because of the technology.

We must clarify that the dimensions of these equipments, as well as the number of ac dc rectifiers, depend on the capacity. This can be seen in the reference image below.

Power distribution panel and its components

In this case, each DC – AC rectifier is 1000 W at 48 Vdc. If you liked this article, let us know in the comments, also if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available for you.

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