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Learn about the parts of the photovoltaic solar panel

photovoltaic solar panel

The photovoltaic solar panel is the core component of any solar energy system, as it converts sunlight into electricity. In this article, we describe its structure so you can understand the elements involved in this conversion. If you are considering installing a photovoltaic system in your home, we recommend reading Photovoltaic solar panel: what you […]

The photovoltaic solar panel and how it works

photovoltaic solar panel

In today’s world, where environmental care and sustainability are trending, solar electric power emerges as an ideal solution. In this post titled The photovoltaic solar panel and its operation, we will explore what it consists. It’s important to note that solar energy comes from a renewable, clean, abundant, and free source, the sun. That’s why […]

Voltage measurement in stationary battery discharge test

Voltage measurement in batteries

The stationary battery discharge test is one of the tests that provides the most reliable results regarding the operational status of these banks. In this post, we will present the way to analyze and interpret the battery voltage measurement, obtained. The execution method is explained in our post on Stationary battery discharge test. Be sure […]