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Criteria for calculating generator set equipment

The proper selection of generator set equipment is as important as the selection of the generators themselves. Without them, the generator set will not operate or will do so inefficiently. We are referring to the main fuel tank and the daily fuel tank. Also, the coolant compensation tank, oil compensation tank, and the automatic transfer […]

Guidelines for calculating the AC backup generator for DC systems

AC backup generator

The AC backup generator, motogenerator, or power plant, is the main AC support for any installation. It consists of an engine, usually diesel, with a generator coupled to its shaft. Obviously, we are referring to fixed generators, with capacities greater than 20 kVA. To give you some context, we invite you to read our post […]

Generator Set: a solution as an alternative energy source?

power plant

At present, it has become crucial to have the possibility of alternative AC power sources. The most commonly used systems for this purpose are power generation through a generator set or power plant and the photovoltaic system. It is important to clarify that the generator set is also called a “diesel generator,” which, in our […]