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Inverter technology that suits me according to price and efficiency

Output waveforms of the 3 technologies inverter

The choice of the right inverter is of immense importance, both for your budget and for efficiency and usage. In this post, we will discuss the inverter technology that suits me according to price and efficiency. Keep in mind that this equipment is the heart of the photovoltaic system. Without it, you wouldn’t be able […]

Inverter technology suitable for connected equipment

Cargas a energizar por tecnología de inversor

The DC-AC inverter is an essential component in any solar power system, so you must select the most suitable one. To help you, we’ll answer your question about which inverter technology is suitable for the electrical equipment you plan to power. This is because you should not only acquire it considering its functionalities but also […]

Types of electrical waves or signals

Oscilloscope displaying types of electrical waves

There are several types of electrical waves or signals, which are determined by the source. Here, we will focus on studying the common ones generated by DC-AC inverters in their various technologies. First of all, we invite you to explore our website, energydcac. To learn about the content we have for you in our categories […]

Modified sine wave inverter: what you need to know

equipo de onda modificada

When a DC energy signal is converted to AC electricity, it is the inverter that performs this transformation. The output waveform is a type of alternating signal that oscillates between a certain positive and negative value. Here, we will discuss the modified sine wave inverter. Depending on the technology used for the transformation, this waveform […]

Square wave inverter: what you need to know

Square wave Inverter output

The most important classification of inverter types relates to the type of AC waveform they provide at the output. Let’s start with everything you need to know about the square wave inverter. This classification is fundamental in the solar energy system, as it defines the operation of the equipment connected to them. We invite you […]

Inverter selection based on technology and connected loads

inverter selection

We continue with this series of articles in which we explain how to select the inverter that meets your expectations. This time, we present an example of inverter selection based on technology and connected loads. There are 3 types of devices, considering the inverter technology that is characterized by the output signal waveform. These are […]