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The selection of AC/DC rectifier: factors to consider

AC/DC rectifier

Before we begin with this article, we invite you to read the post AC/DC rectifier: float and equalization voltage, regulation, and control. Like its counterparts, this is so you can get context on the topic. When designing a telecommunications system, you must be clear about the peculiarities of the AC/DC rectifier to be selected. Furthermore, […]

High-frequency controlled regulation AC-DC rectifiers

rectifier high-frequency controlled regulation

In the conversion of AC to DC power, the typical operating frequency is that of the AC line or multiples thereof. AC-DC rectifiers with high-frequency controlled regulation leverage this type of control to enhance their performance. Indeed, if the operating frequency is increased to the order of thousands of Hertz, power circuits can be downsized. […]

Power generated by each photovoltaic solar panel

power produced by each solar panel

The photovoltaic systems have gained great popularity in recent decades because they generate electrical energy in a clean, inexpensive manner, and their source is inexhaustible. The system relies on the power produced by each solar panel, which is its most visible component. In fact, this iconic equipment is what gives its name to the system, […]

Inverter technology that suits me according to price and efficiency

Output waveforms of the 3 technologies inverter

The choice of the right inverter is of immense importance, both for your budget and for efficiency and usage. In this post, we will discuss the inverter technology that suits me according to price and efficiency. Keep in mind that this equipment is the heart of the photovoltaic system. Without it, you wouldn’t be able […]

Pure sine wave inverter: advantages, disadvantages, applications

pure sine wave inverter

This equipment has a set of peculiarities that make it appear to be the best option for any installation. However, not everything that glitters is gold, which is why we bring you the post Pure sine wave inverter: advantages, disadvantages, and applications. To delve deeper into understanding this device, we have prepared the post Pure […]

The Solar Inverter: What You Need to Know Before Buying It. Part 3

some types

We continue with this series of posts, providing you with the best advice on The solar inverter: what you need to know before buying it. It’s important to understand that since this equipment can be quite expensive, it’s crucial to acquire the one that suits your needs. Here, we provide you with the necessary information. […]

Advantages of a photovoltaic or solar energy system

ecology solar energy system

There are multiple advantages offered by a photovoltaic or solar energy system. That is why it is considered one of the best ways to supply electricity to a house in the long term because it is sustainable over time. We suggest our post The photovoltaic energy system for the home, where we explain in an […]