The inverter for your affordable photovoltaic system

inverter affordable photovoltaic system

Solar energy systems are a form of alternative electricity that is clean, reliable, and affordable. So much so that the vast majority of households have or are thinking of installing one. That’s why we present to you how to choose an inexpensive inverter for your affordable photovoltaic system.

This is because… let’s be clear! The investment for this installation can be significant. However, with certain restrictions, especially in terms of power, it is possible to have your photovoltaic system without it costing you so much.

Moreover, if you buy the right equipment, you will save a lot of money. As a complement to this post, we suggest reading the series of posts we have created on this topic. Starting with The solar panel and wiring for an affordable solar power system for your home. Let’s get started!

How much power can I expect from my affordable photovoltaic system?

Inverter for a affordable photovoltaic system

In previous posts, we have selected a solar panel that provides 500 W, leaving a 25% reserve. Covers incidents such as temporary consumption peaks and because the performance of the solar panel is not always optimal. This is due to factors like a low amount of sunlight, among others.

But this energy value allows you to power the most essential equipment during a power outage. It also serves as a way to reduce your electricity bill. Below, we provide an example list of the equipment you can power.

  • 6 bulbs of 10 W each: 6 x 10 = 60 W
  • 1 LCD TV: 100 W
  • 2 chargers for cell phones or other similar low-consumption devices: 20 x 2 = 40 W
  • 1 modem with WIFI: 20 W
  • 1 desktop computer: 180 W

PTOTAL = (60 + 100 + 40 + 20 + 250) = 400 W

As you can see, this photovoltaic system can only power electronic loads that are non-inductive. That is, those that do not have a motor, including items like refrigerators and washing machines, among others.

Regarding total power, there is a concept called “electric demand” that takes into account the number of hours the loads are turned on. However, for the purpose of determining the inverter, it is not relevant.

The features of the affordable inverter you need

Inverter waveform for a affordable photovoltaic system

For the characteristics of the loads to be powered, it is convenient to purchase a modified sine wave inverter. Since it provides excellent performance along with good power capabilities at very low prices.

To determine the inverter capacity, you just need to perform the following calculation:

PINVERTER = 1.25 * PPANEL = 1.25 X 500 W = 625 W

This way, you ensure that the inverter operates at a maximum of 80% of its capacity, as recommended by manufacturers worldwide. Due to the low power, a 12 Vdc input inverter is sufficient.

Keep in mind that this is a calculation method that does not take into account some factors. Still, it will be completely functional for you.

For more details on how to calculate the inverter capacity, we recommend our post Calculating the capacity of the DC/AC inverter with non-motor loads. There, you will clarify all your doubts on the subject!

Therefore, you would need a modified sine wave inverter that provides a minimum of 625 W at its AC output. Additionally, its input should be 12 Vdc.

A quality device with these characteristics has an approximate cost of between $80 and $100. Remember, a cheap inverter can be of good quality if chosen wisely.

We recommend purchasing a higher-capacity inverter, let’s say around 1500 W, in case you plan to expand by acquiring more solar panels to connect new loads. Since the price difference does not exceed $50.


In the following comparison that we have prepared for you, we present the best modified sine wave inverters with the lowest prices available on Let’s see:

So far, that’s all about selecting the inverter for an affordable photovoltaic system. on the energydcac blog, you will find interesting content about dc, ac, and alternative energy sources. They will surely be very useful to you!

We are at your disposal to clarify any doubts.

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