Disadvantages of the solar energy system

photovoltaic system schematic

Like everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages of using photovoltaic systems in homes, especially when using them as distributed energy. Here we will introduce you to the disadvantage of the solar energy system.

This is a system that currently has become very popular, but those who are not experts know very little about it. For this reason, we are presented with many questions about whether it will be beneficial for us.

That is why we invite you to read our article Advantages that a photovoltaic or solar energy system offers you and here we present you, as a counterpart, the disadvantages of having a solar energy system at home.

Below we describe the most important ones that you should take into account when thinking about installing a solar home system.

Disadvantages of solar home energy systems

These can be technical, economic and ecological disadvantages. These are briefly described below.

Economic disadvantages

disadvantages of solar energy systems in terms of economics
  • The cost of installation is an important investment
  • The equipment is expensive, you must take this into account if, for any reason, you damage one of them and you have to replace it

Technical disadvantages

technical disadvantages of photovoltaic systems

It should be noted that rather than disadvantages, they are considered limitations of solar energy in houses.

  • It has great climatic dependence, since it does not generate electricity at night, and on cloudy days its efficiency is very low, this is the main disadvantage of solar systems

    This makes it unsuitable for all types of climate, since, in unfavorable cases, it does not allow the desired energy savings
  • Periodic maintenance is necessary, its main purpose is to maintain the energy efficiency of the system. This maintenance refers to the cleaning of the solar panels and revision of connections.
  • The area where the solar panels will be installed must be sufficiently large and meet certain requirements such as the absence of shadows, being exposed to the sun’s rays the most hours of the day, among others.
  • As solar panels are outdoors, they are prone to physical damage from different causes and, for some people, affect the aesthetics of the structure
  • With the passage of time, solar panels can lose energy efficiency due to degradation of the materials they are made of. This is the most important factor indicating the need for replacement.

Ecological disadvantages

disadvantages of solar energy systems of the ecological type
  • The disposal of items such as batteries and solar panels can negatively affect the environment if not done correctly

In this regard, you should contact a specialized company, which entails additional costs

  • For the production of different devices, waste is generated

It should be noted that almost all of the above can be remedied if the installation is carried out by qualified technical personnel using materials and equipment of proven quality.

Our next post called Is it worth installing a solar energy system in your house? We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the solar energy system, we will also tell you about the tests we have done and we will give you our decision, it will be very interesting!

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