Advantages of a photovoltaic or solar energy system

ecology solar energy system

There are multiple advantages offered by a photovoltaic or solar energy system. That is why it is considered one of the best ways to supply electricity to a house in the long term because it is sustainable over time.

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Here are the most important advantages, but first you should know the types of solar energy systems that exist.

Types of photovoltaic systems

It should be noted that in any type the basic components such as solar panels and inverter alone are always present. Independent solar electric generation system, which is not connected to the electric grid. All of the electricity produced by the solar panels is used for self-consumption.

With this configuration, total independence from the electrical grid is achieved, achieving significant energy savings and sustainability.

stand-alone home

• A photovoltaic system connected to the commercial power grid, usually used as an alternative form of electricity. Either in the event of a grid failure or as a way to save energy.

grid-connected in advantages of solar energy system

A configuration that is gaining much preference among users is to install a device called “load transfer“. To which the two sources of energy arrive.

Any of them can give electric service to the whole house, just by moving a switch position. This way you can switch from the conventional electrical grid to the photovoltaic system and vice versa, as you can see in the figure below and contrary, as you can see in the figure below.

full load feeding scheme in advantages of solar energy system

Or if you prefer, you can split the load between the two sources as shown in the diagram below.

split load connection diagram

What are the advantages of solar energy system over conventional grid power?

In this sense, these advantages can be divided into technical, economic and ecological. Let’s look at the most relevant of each.

Technical advantages of solar energy system

Advantages of solar energy system in home
  • The photovoltaic system is more reliable than the commercial power grid, since you will not be affected by the failures of the latter
  • Energy independence, you will have no restrictions, only those that you implement for reasons of convenience and energy efficiency
  • The photovoltaic system is based on a renewable technology that is very easy to install, even in the case of solar panels
  • You can use the PV system as a primary, alternative or shared source of electricity with the commercial grid for greater energy efficiency
  • Solar panels are capable of producing all the electricity you need
  • A well-built photovoltaic system requires very little maintenance
  • Because the panels capture available solar energy, it is an inexhaustible source of electricity, which means improved energy efficiency
  • As it is distributed generation, it does not depend on a single power line, but each installation produces its own electricity through solar pane
  • You will only be affected by the failures of your own solar system and their resolution will only depend on you

Economic advantages of solar energy system

saving with solar energy
  • Once installed, the electricity provided by the photovoltaic system will be free of charge
  • You will save a lot of money on your utility bills
  • In order to encourage the use of green energy and renewable energy, the government provides financing and the construction costs of the solar energy system are tax deductible
  • Although it can be costly to implement, depending on the amount you require, you will soon recover the investment due to the cost reduction involved
  • Sustainable energy savings which gives a quick return on investment

Ecological advantages of solar energy system

ecological advantages of solar energy systems
  • Clean energy, i.e., photovoltaic systems and solar panels do not produce any type of waste to generate it
  • Ecological energy, natural resources are not consumed in its transformation, which is a great contribution to the environment
  • It contributes to the care of nature, since solar energy is sustainable and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Infinite renewable energy 

We invite you to read the continuation of this article The photovoltaic energy system for the home: Disadvantages you should know, because not everything that glitters is gold.

You should know that all the advantages we have mentioned you get them only if you hire a specialized company to perform the installation and if the equipment such as solar panels, solar inverters and others, are of quality.

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Video that will give you additional information about the advantages of photovoltaic systems

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