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Electrical cables and conductors: resistivity and electrical resistance

graph of electrical resistance variation with temperature

Electrical resistance is one of the most important parameters you should know about cables and conductors because its value will determine whether equipment operates correctly. We invite you to read our post. Next, we will explain how to determine these parameters. Let’s get started! Resistivity and electrical resistance in conductors The resistivity in metallic conductors […]

Electrical cables and conductors: gauges and structure

Electrical cables and conductors

Electrical cables and conductors are indispensable components in any system involving electricity, including photovoltaic energy systems. Among their most important parameters are gauge and structure. They are responsible for the transmission of electrical energy to the equipment, but for them to do so efficiently, it’s necessary to consider certain characteristics. In this article, we will […]

Electrical cables and conductors: their generalities

electrical cables and conductors

Electrical cables and conductors are fundamental elements in electrical installations. They serve as the means to interconnect various equipment, both for power and control purposes. We will discuss them, aiming to explain their characteristics in an approachable and colloquial manner. And we will clarify any necessary technical terms for your better understanding of the topic. […]