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Solar panels and photovoltaic systems: frequently questions. Part 1

example of solar panels and photovoltaic systems

The systems of solar energy are considered the electricity generators of the future in the present. Since solar panels and photovoltaic systems provide clean, reliable, inexhaustible, and ecological electricity. Despite their popularity, there are many doubts about this technology. To keep you better informed, below, we provide quick answers to some frequently asked questions about […]

Thermal solar panel: what it is, how it works, and its applications

thermal solar panel

Solar energy has gained significant momentum in recent years, thanks to its cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. To harness solar energy, we use the so-called panels, which are divided into thermal solar panel and photovoltaic panels. Both have very specific uses, but they share the commonality of utilizing the sun as a source of energy. In […]

Solar water heater: what is it and how does it work?

solar water heater

Currently, there are many applications based on harnessing solar energy. Since it is an inexhaustible, abundant, and free source of energy. In our post Solar water heater: what is it and how does it work?, we introduce one of the most popular ones. Using solar energy to heat water is ideal, whether for personal hygiene […]

Electrical cables and conductors: resistivity and electrical resistance

graph of electrical resistance variation with temperature

Electrical resistance is one of the most important parameters you should know about cables and conductors because its value will determine whether equipment operates correctly. We invite you to read our post. Next, we will explain how to determine these parameters. Let’s get started! Resistivity and electrical resistance in conductors The resistivity in metallic conductors […]