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Power generated by each photovoltaic solar panel

power produced by each solar panel

The photovoltaic systems have gained great popularity in recent decades because they generate electrical energy in a clean, inexpensive manner, and their source is inexhaustible. The system relies on the power produced by each solar panel, which is its most visible component. In fact, this iconic equipment is what gives its name to the system, […]

Electrical resistance in cables and its variation with temperature

electrical resistance in cables

Knowing how to calculate the electrical resistance in cables, in its various forms, for an electrical conductor is of great importance. This knowledge allows you to determine this parameter even in situations where you may not have access to specific tables or other technical information. This knowledge can help you quickly diagnose issues with a […]

Electrical cables and conductors: resistivity and electrical resistance

graph of electrical resistance variation with temperature

Electrical resistance is one of the most important parameters you should know about cables and conductors because its value will determine whether equipment operates correctly. We invite you to read our post. Next, we will explain how to determine these parameters. Let’s get started! Resistivity and electrical resistance in conductors The resistivity in metallic conductors […]

Stationary batteries and their types

stationary battery

Stationary batteries are those used in fixed systems, known for their high storage capacity. Unlike other batteries such as automotive ones, they release energy in a prolonged and steady manner. These batteries find applications in industrial, telecommunications, solar, and other systems, whether as primary sources or backups. Notably, they can be composed of 1, 3, […]