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The selection of AC/DC rectifier: factors to consider

AC/DC rectifier

Before we begin with this article, we invite you to read the post AC/DC rectifier: float and equalization voltage, regulation, and control. Like its counterparts, this is so you can get context on the topic. When designing a telecommunications system, you must be clear about the peculiarities of the AC/DC rectifier to be selected. Furthermore, […]

AC – DC rectifier for telecommunications: alarms and settings

AC - DC rectifier

In our article AC – DC rectifier: current and voltage alarms and settings, we explain how it protects against abnormal current and voltage conditions. Now, let’s explore other alarms it has and their key settings in energy systems for telecommunications. Most of these warnings are indicated by the Control and Alarm Module of the Power […]

AC DC rectifiers with thyristor regulation

thyristor-regulated rectifier

The AC-DC rectifier with thyristor regulation is the oldest type used in telecommunications. It is known for its reliability and robustness, and this technology is the simplest. However, these devices are quite bulky. For instance, a 100 A rectifier can be as tall as 2 meters by 80 cm wide and very heavy. Before we […]