Solar panel at home: installation and tips. Part 2

solar panels at home

This post is a continuation of the article Solar panels: installation and tips. Part 1, which we invite you to read. In it we detail the types of solar panel and the best tips you should follow when buying them.

So that with this information you are able, together with your installer, to establish which solar panel best suits your needs.

Now, with the above information, we will see how to estimate the amount of solar panels and the minimum maintenance you should do.

If you are thinking about installing one in your home, we suggest you read our posts made for you. These are advantages of installing a photovoltaic system in your home and Disadvantages of a solar energy system at home. Let’s get started.

1. How do I determine the number of solar panels I need?

solar panel and the quantity I need

This calculation is not so simple to do, as you must know the total power you will need and that of the selected solar panel. Only an expert can provide you with this information.

However, assuming you already have this data, then it is straightforward to determine the number of solar panels you require, based on the characteristics of the type you have chosen.

Next, we provide you with the equation to apply:


Total power, refers to the maximum power you require, expressed in Watts.

This includes a safety factor ranging from 10% to 20% depending on the calculating engineer.

Power of one panel, would be the capacity of a solar panel.

For example, if you need a power of 3000 W and you choose a 300 W solar panel, then you will need 10 solar panels.

2. Tips for solar panel maintenance

After installing the solar panels, it is essential to perform regular maintenance, which is actually quite simple.

Although we mention it here, it is important to consult with a certified installer for the best approach.

Regarding this, it’s important to know that the average lifespan of solar panels is around 20 years.

This lifespan is subject to degradation due to the materials that make up the photovoltaic cells, specifically silicon.

3. Clean and wash the solar panels every 3 months

cleaning a solar panel

This is done in order to remove the dirt that accumulates on the surface of each panel, which can decrease its performance.

To do this, first sweep the entire surface and then wash it with water and soap.

Keep in mind that dirt tends to accumulate more at the edges where the glass meets the aluminum frame.

4. Additional recommendation

measurement of solar panel connections

It is suggested to perform a comprehensive annual review of the system to detect anomalies in time.

It’s a good idea to have this review conducted by an expert who can also guide you on how to solve any potential issues found.

By following these recommendations, we guarantee that you will achieve the maximum performance from your solar panels.

We hope that this post, along with its predecessor, will be useful to you and serve as an encouragement to embrace the world of clean energy as a way to care for the planet. Please let us know your thoughts on this article. Also, we invite you to read the posts available for you at energydcac. You’ll find them enjoyable!

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